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12 best gadgets in the world today: our definitive list of the best tech around. A huge wedge of cash is needed, but OPPO’s headphones are well worth the premium entry fee in order to acquire musical nirvana for your ears. Simply sumptuous.
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OCTOBER 2015 | T3 Magazine, UK


OPPO PM-1 has won Best High-end Headphone award 2014/2015 from AVTech Media. Astonishingly sensitive, the PM-1 delivers a superbly even bass and impressive transparency. Comfortable to wear and great to listen to, this is easily the most exciting new headphone to be released this year.
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NOVEMBER 2014 | Hi-Fi News issue July 2014


The OPPO PM-1 are planar-magnetic headphones that offer great build, quality and design, and stride ahead with their mastery of bass instruments
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Pueden estar seguros de que no exagero: estamos ante una combinación sencillamente fantástica.
"You can be sure, we're in front of a fantastic combination (HA-1 + PM-1)".
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AUGUST 2014 | SALVADOR, chief editor of AV Premium, Spain


OPPO has put a great product on the market. The PM-1 has a pleasant sound.
Open, relaxed, airy and spacious enough and rich in detail.
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JULY 2014 | JAAP VEENSTRA, Alpha-Audio, Netherlands


If you do much of your listening via headphones, own electronics with enough oomph to power them, then the Oppo needs to be on your shortlist.
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by any standards this is a very special pair of headphones
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With the PM-2 you get incredible sound, portability, efficiency, low weight, great build, affordability and comfort all in one package. I'm not saying its the perfect headphone but its damn near close to it and an incredible all rounder.
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I absolutely love these headphones. They're the first pair in a long time to make me ­seriously rethink my preference for wireless sound.
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I found the OPPO PM-3 to be comfortable to wear for lengthy listening sessions. The audio output was of a high standard with no noticeable leaking of sound. Combining quality appearance with audio to match.
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Ultimately, it’s all about the audio quality and OPPO has beaten its similarly-priced competitors hands down.
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The build quality of the PM-3s is best described as being the Rolls Royce of headphones. The craftsmanship and the attention to detail is the best that I have seen, and the materials used are all premium quality
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OPPO have produced a set of first class, well-designed headphones made with high quality materials and finish, with care and attention displayed in everything from the carry case to the choice of leads they give you.
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OPPO offers unique drivers in a truly luxurious package, tuned with great understanding of music and all this has been achieved without being a nightmare for the amplifier. PM-3's are easy to drive, and their natural sound is very likeable
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Like any quality product, the PM-3 is built to last, with strong metal and plush padding materials ensuring maximum comfort and performance throughout its lifetime.
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JULY 2015 | Gadgethead Magazine, UK


Don't even bother reading this review - just go out and buy these headphones. They're the best available at this price point, offering a stunning balance of closed-back design and planar magnetic sound quality.
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JULY 2015 | JAMES RIVINGTON, Techradar, UK


The sound is balanced, controlled, detailed but not clinical, boring or analytical. Go get yourself a pair, perfect for home and portable usage!
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JUNE 2015 | OSCAR STEWART, Soundperfection Reviews, UK


This is a superbly built, exceptionally comfortable and immensely talented headphone that represents some of the very highest performance available at the price point.
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JUNE 2015 | ED SELLEY, AVForums, UK


The Oppo PM-3 are very comfortable, the isolation is excellent and the sound quality is amazing. How they have managed to get some planar magnetic cans in to such a compact package that sounds and looks so good is beyond me.
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Joint winner: OPPO HA-1 Headphone amp/DAC/preamp.
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JANUARY 2016 | Hi-Fi+ AWARDS 2016, UK


As an amp and DAC its pretty much perfect but when you consider all the extras that are thrown in it becomes worth every single bit of the price of entry and one of the best pieces of equipment that has been released by any company so far in 2014.
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Pueden estar seguros de que no exagero: estamos ante una combinación sencillamente fantástica.
"You can be sure, we're in front of a fantastic combination (HA-1 + PM-1)".
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AUGUST 2014 | SALVADOR, chief editor of AV Premium, Spain


The HA-1 has an impressive construction, which offers an aesthetically pleasing design with great performance.
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The HA-1 is a beast of a machine.
Fully Class A with a wonderful DAC. The beauty is not only that the HA-1 sounds very solid, but is so very flexible.
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JULY 2014 | JAAP VEENSTRA, Alpha-Audio, Netherlands


The HA-1 is a well thought out and thoroughly engineered product at a competitive price – as we’ve come to expect from OPPO. Its headphone amplifier stage is up there with the finest.
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JULY 2014 | KEITH HOWARD, Hi-fi news, United Kingdom




It’s a combination of dynamics, timing and detail regardless of the genre to which you’re listening that makes the OPPO so adept.
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SEPTEMBER 2015 | What Hi-Fi Magazine, UK


The HA-2 is versatile, looks good, and sounds fantastic. All OPPO has to do now is sit back and watch how its competitors react. The HA-2 is sure to shake up the portable audio market.
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JUNE 2015 | JAY GARRETT, Gadgety News, UK


Unlike the dedicated audio players, the OPPO can provide the same boost to a computer and does so while looking and feeling fantastic, offering a truly killer specification and providing trickle charge functionality for your portable device.
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MAY 2015 | ED SELLEY, AVForums, UK


the Oppo HA-2 offers a consistently clean, accurate and open sound across a wide variety of digital sources and formats, and does so with real élan.
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MAY 2015 | NICK TATE, Hi-Fi News, UK


It’s comfortably the best we’ve heard at the price, a dream to use, extremely well made and featured, and it looks very cool.
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MAY 2015 | DAVID VIVIAN, Hi-Fi Choice Magazine, UK




In the new BDP-103EU, OPPO is offering an awful lot of player at a relatively reasonable price. This machine is a gifted multi-tasker, with surprisingly strong audio playback ability offered as standard, considering this is hardy it’s key purpose in life. Download pdf

January 2013 | Patrick Cleasby, HiFi Choice, UK

AV Forums

OPPO may have been a little late to the Blu-ray party but when they finally did show up they certainly brought their 'A' game. The BDP- 93EU was a tough act to follow but OPPO have managed it, delivering a new player with even better build quality, more features and an equally superb performance - all for the same price. Read More

December 2012 | Steve Withers, AV Forums, UK


The BDP-103EU does have it all: outstanding usability, fast performance, undistorted playback of 1080p/24 Blu-ray Discs, excellent handling of trickier sources such as 1080i content and DVDs, and a very quiet disc mechanism. Add 4K upscaling, online connectivity, network playback, and top notch build quality into your consideration, and you’ll probably agree with us that the final rating is deserved. Read More

December | David Mackenzie, HDTVTest, UK

Audio VideoAudio Video

The new OPPO offers not only a very good picture, but extraordinary functionality that embarrasses it’s competitors. Download pdf

December 2012 | Filip Kulpa, Audio Video, Poland

STEREO and VIDEO magazine

One HDMI output, all right. Two HDMI outputs, even better. But two HDMI inputs (one front with MHL support) and one back, that´s really excellent. With the new OPPO you don´t need to exchange your HDMI 1.0 - 1.3 AV receiver. Download pdf

December 2012 | Miroslav Werner, STEREO & VIDEO magazine, Czech Republic

Alta Definicion HD

OPPO is currently the benchmark when it comes to Blu-ray and high quality universal players. Their products stand out for their excellent finish, performance and presentation, something that is missing in other brands in these times of crisis. Read More or Download pdf

December 2012 | Javier Alonso, Alta Definición HD, Spain

AV Premium

Key to the OPPO&aposs success is its "multi-source" approach, offering several products in one box for the price of one. OPPO uses the best analogue and digital components, like the Marvell Kyoto-G2H with Qdeo technology, that has revolutionized colour reproduction at home. Download pdf

November 2012 | Salvador Dangla, AV Premium, Spain

Home Cinema Choice

If I was buying a new Blu-ray player I would find it hard to see beyond the BDP-103EU. It’s AV performance is top notch, the feature set dizzying and, above all, it’s a pleasure to use and built to exacting standards. Download pdf

November 2012 | Mark Craven, Home Cinema Choice, UK


OPPO has managed to improve the BDP-103EU in virtually all the main functions, and to some extent the analogue sound. The player can handle a multitude of file formats. It has added new features that generally work brilliantly, and OPPO has further increased usability and flexibility of the player, and can now target an even larger cliental. All archived without raising the price – amazing! Read More

November 2012 | John Hother,, Denmark

ON OFF Magazine

2013 Blu-ray player of the year award for the image category. Read More or Download PDF

October 2012 | ON OFF Magazine, Spain


OPPO again manage to surprise us with this magnificent player with a large number of improvements and innovations : 2 HDMI inputs offering the functions of a video scaler, MHL input capable, improvements in the digital and analogue circuits, and certainly the fastest and most responsive player on the market. Read More

October 2012 | Nicolas Bécuwe, HDfever, France


The OPPO BDP-103EU continues the tradition of awesome image and audio quality for a price that will probably scare the competition. Winner Gold Award. . Read More

October 2012 | J.A.F.Doorhof,, The Netherlands


OPPO BDP-105EU (Black / Silver)

Hi-Fi+ Magazine

If ever a product deserved to be considered the Swiss Army knife of digital media playback, the BDP-105EU is the one. Whether you choose it for multi- format disc playback, for network streaming capabilities, or to use as a DAC at the heart of a computer audio system, the BDP-105EU will consistently serve up levels of sonic refinement and sophistication the belie its modest price. Enthusiastically recommended. read more

MARCH 2013 | Chris Martens, Hi-Fi+ Magazine, UK

Digital Video Home Theater

It seemed almost impossible to make a more desirable player than the OPPO BDP-95EU but adding some interesting extra video and audio features, OPPO have nailed the target without an excessive increase in price. read more

April 2013 | Digital Video Home Theater, Italy


The previous model had already reached excellent levels in all sections, and this new one confirms the extremely high performance standards of the manufacturer. Improving a product that was already great which was the OPPO BDP-95EU seemed a very hard task. OPPO succeeded in doing that... To sum up, OPPO's top player will become a benchmark. read more

March 2013 | AudioReview, Italy


With its superior 4k-videoscaler, the BDP-105EU is setting new standards as a universal player, adding to that it also puts out excellent analogue sound to both receivers and amplifiers. read more

March 2013 | Udo Ratai, audiovision, Germany


OPPO is creating a new device category, the Blu-ray/DVD/SACD universal player with audio streaming function and D/A conversion plus video processor/scaler. All of these functions are available at the highest level from build quality to ease of operation to analogue and digital picture and sound quality. This is a sensational performance and at the current pricing (1399,- Euros) a terrific bargain. read more

March 2013 | Raphael Vogt,, Germany

Noble Hi-Fi

When I think of all the elements that this machine combines I cannot help but be overwhelmed by it and it makes a large price (£1000) seem positively value. The build quality, video and audio capabilities are worthy of that price on their own. If you are interested in the USB DAC and headphone amplifier aspects too then the BDP-105EU is an absolute no-brainer. read more

April 2013 | Edd Noble, Noble Hi-Fi, UK


Well not only have OPPO shown there most definitely are second acts in life, what a second act it is! You will not find a better Blu-ray player at any price and from the moment you open the box you know that OPPO has thought of everything. read more

February 2013 | Stephen Withers, AVForums, UK

Alta Definicion HD

So, if you are thinking to replace your blu-ray player with another high-level player, the Oppo BDP-105EU is an option hard to beat by their competitors, some of which have remained in 2010 when it comes to performance, design, finishing, etc.. Clearly, the Oppo BDP-105EU will be the world's absolute reference player for a long time. read more

February 2013 | Javier Alonso, Alta Definición HD, Spain

High Fidelity

This is an amazing universal player, which treats the audio section very seriously, even better than some expensive dedicated CD Players. It’s main quality is a good sound with every possible format, but also an incredible functionality. It’s video section is in a class of its own. read more

January 2013 | Wojciech Pacula, High Fidelity, Poland

Home Cinema Choice

I'd go as far as saying that the BDP-105EU is the most significant evolution of the Blu-ray player since the format was developed. If there are BD players out there that deliver a better picture than this, I am yet to test them. read more

February 2013 | Richard Stevenson, Home Cinema Choice, UK

HiFi NewsHiFi News

The BDP-105EU is a truly accomplished universal player with the greatest all-round appeal of any source I have tested. Period. read more

January 2013 | Richard Stevenson and Paul Miller, HiFi News, UK



AVForums Recommended Award Logo

The BDP-103D is a great player and is deserving of a recommendation on that basis alone.  read more

January 2014 | AVForums, Steve Withers

Satellite Digital TV Gold Logo

The addition of the ‘Darbee effect’ makes the OPPO an intriguing piece of kit. It includes some splendid features and good connectivity. All in all a recommended buy.  read more

Feb/march 2014 | what satellite & Digital TV Magazine, MARK CRAVEN UK

Stereo AndVideo

The BDP-103D and BDP-103EU look the same and have many similar features such as two HDMI outputs, two HDMI inputs, full analogue decoding 7.1 Blu-rays and 5.1 SACD and DVD Audio, network connectivity and three USB ports. The BDP-103D is one of the most universal players and ensures OPPO remains above the standard and takes it to the next level with the quality of the video. read more

December 2013 | Stereo & Video Magazine


Essentially, anyone thinking of buying an
Oppo BDP-103EU should definitely check out
this upgrade. That extra £100 gets you a neat
toy to play with.  read more



OPPO BDP-105D (Black / Silver)


if you crave a really talented source component that plays pretty much all movie and music content to a high standard
Want one machine to do it all? Here it is. read more

DECEMBER 2014 | What Hi-Fi, UK


OPPO BDP-105D has won Best High-end blu-ray player award 2014/2015 from AVTech Media while retaining the connectivity tricks and luxurious construction of its forebear.Whether spinning a disc or unspooling a digital file, the BDP-105D provides a first-class experience. read more

NOVEMBER 2014 | Home Cinema Choice issue 233




… I am forced to enthusiastically recommend Oppo BDP-105D acquisition to those seeking a definitive "HD" source for both 2D and 3D (with added  powerful routing capability and signal scaling to 4K). An amazing machine. read more

JUNE 2014 | av premium magazine, spain


This remains the player to beat if you're looking to make the most of your disc and file collection - it's Blu-ray at its brilliant best. read more


AV Forums Highly Recommended

In terms of performance the 105D can handle almost any disc you care to put in it and when it came to audio and video the Oppo didn't put a foot wrong. It delivered a flawless playback of 2D and 3D Blu-rays, whilst it also handled 1080i content with real assurance. read more

March 2014 |  AV Forums UK., STEVE WITHERS



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