No Audio when playing a 3D Movie when using Split AV


A:  The dual HDMI outputs on the BDP-103EU and BDP-105EU allow the player to output 3D video content via HDMI Out 1 to a television and audio content via HDMI Out 2 to an non-3D capable AV receiver. In some cases, when viewing 3D Blu-ray Discs, video will output without issue, but the player will be unable to output audio to the AV receiver. Luckily, there is a relatively easy fix.


  1. 1. Ensure that the player is updated to the latest firmware version. If the player is connected to the internet, you can check for a firmware update by going to Setup Menu / Device Setup / Firmware Upgrade / Via Network. Otherwise, see this page or additional firmware upgrade options:

  2. 2. Once the player is updated to the latest firmware version, go to Setup Menu / Video Setup / 3D Setting and set Blank HDMI 2 to Yes.

  3. 3. Play the problematic disc again; you should have both audio and video at this point.

If you are able to sign in to Netflix on your OPPO player but are having playback issues when the player attempts to stream a movie or TV show, go through the following steps in order to resolve the issue.


Change Your DNS Settings

  1. 1. From the Setup Menu, select Network Setup
  2. 2. Select IP Configuration and change it from Auto (DHCP) to Manual.
  3. 3. Change DNS 1 to and press Enter.
  4. 4. Change DNS 2 to and press Enter.


De-Activate Your Netflix Account

  1. 1. From the Setup Menu, select Device Setup.
  2. 2. Select Netflix
  3. 3. Select De-activate Netflix and choose Yes.
  4. 4. A message should display indicating that the deactivation was successful.


Clear Persistent Storage - Note: this option is only visible when there is not a disc currently playing.

  1. 1. From the Setup Menu, select Device Setup.
  2. 2. Select Persistent Storage.
  3. 3. Select Erase Persistent Storage.
  4. 4. Turn the player off and then back on.


After following these steps, go to the Home Menu and select Netflix. Re-enter your account information and follow the remaining instructions. The player should be able to stream content without issue from Netflix at this point.



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