Distorted, "snowy" picture and other video artefacts when using HDMI


Change Your DNS Settings: Using alternative DNS settings may decrease the likelihood that streaming services such as Netflix will stop playback in order to buffer video and may prevent instances where the streaming services cause the player to lock up completely. In some cases, changing your DNS settings may also resolve an issue where the player is able to connect to your network but is still unable to access the internet.

  1. From the Setup Menu, select Network Setup.
  2. Select IP Configuration and change it from Auto (DHCP) to Manual.
  3. Change DNS 1 to and press Enter.
  4. Change DNS 2 to and press Enter.
  5. Try to access the built-in streaming services again. 


Power Cycle Your Modem and Router: In some cases, powering your modem and router off and then back on will resolve temporary network issues. This will often be necessary after a power outage, for instance.

  1. Disconnect the power cables from your modem and router.
  2. Reconnect your modem's power cord and wait 3 minutes.
  3. Reconnect your router's power cord and wait 3 minutes.
  4. Try to access the built-in streaming services again. 


Check Your Wireless Signal Strength: The player's wireless signal strength indicator can provide clues as to why network performance may be lackluster. In general, a wireless signal strength of 70% is necessary to ensure smooth playback.

  1. From the Setup Menu, select Network Setup.
  2. Select Connection Information.
  3. If your Signal Strength is less than 70%, use the included USB Extension Cable to move the wireless adapter to a location that is either closer to your router or is in an area less prone to wireless interference. 
  4. If you are unable to attain a desirable Signal Strength percentage, you may want to consider connecting via Ethernet, if possible.


Update Your Wireless Router's Firmware: From time to time, router manufacturers may release firmware updates to fix bugs and resolve compatibility issues with other products. The update process is usually different for each manufacturer, but instructions on how to upgrade your router's firmware can be found on the router manufacturer's website.





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