Planar Magnetic Headphones

Unique Sound Signature Meets Premium Luxury Design

Natural, dynamic, and engaging sound quality with plush padding and reduced weight for exceptional comfort. 


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Larger than Life Sound
The OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphone offers a different way of thinking about planar magnetic technology. PM-1 is a work of art, combining advanced technology, unique musicality, premium luxury design, resulting in a listening experience that is capable of communicating every nuance of your favourite music.
Hear the Smallest Detail
Many years of research led by a team comprised of passionate audio and acoustics engineers, chemical and materials scientists, and audiophiles,PM-1 delivers a number of technological breakthroughs that makes it possible to hear the smallest detail.
Premium Luxury
Made with luxury lambskin leather, easily replaceable components and premium accessories.
Award Winning
    “Incredible perfection level as planar magnetic headphone while it is the very 1st headphone product of theirs.”
    - 2015 Japan Headphone Book Award 
    "... the PM-1s seem well worth their asking price.”
    - SoundStage! 2014 Products of the Year 
    “Comfortable to wear and great to listen to, this is easily the most exciting new headphone to be released this year.”
    - Best High-End Headphone
    " Not only a great planar magnetic headphone, but a great headphone, period."
    - Enjoy the's TOP 20 best gear of 2014

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